5 Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

As hard as it gets when dried, concrete can be the toughest yet most stylish material you can use for your home and business, so long as it’s poured and molded with skill. After that, you can enjoy the benefits of having a concrete structure within your property. One great example of that is stained concrete floors, whose 5 top benefits are listed and discussed below.

Stained Concrete Floors - Bucket City Concrete Contractors

1. Fire Resistant

We know wood easily burns with fire, but concrete is 100% not affected by flame. This material is the safest to use for factories and establishments that handle various flammable materials like oil and timber. Just a single blaze of fire that breaks out in the area from spark-creating machines can create a huge fire. Buildings are somehow protected against this situation because of concrete floorings’ fire resistance.

2. Durable

For over 4,500 pounds per square inch of compressive strength, concrete surely is a robust material. However, cracks, scratches, warping, and buckling are most likely to happen also to floors that are often exposed to heavy foot traffic or loaded with a lot of machinery. It’s because concrete is porous in nature. To avoid these events from happening, staining your concrete floors would be the most effective solution. Your floor will also become susceptible to other problems such as chipping, discoloration, fading, and peeling as well as mold and mildew growth that are common in concrete floors.

3. Helps Save Energy

With proper heat insulation, achieving better energy efficiency in your home is possible. It goes a long way, too, to stain or treat a concrete floor. Despite the common knowledge that concrete is a “cold” material for flooring, the truth remains that it absorbs heat or coldness slowly and then releases them slowly, too. This process helps more with energy efficiency in some common situations than carpet or hardwood.

4. Low Maintenance

Your stained concrete floors not only provide strong protection but also offers to let you enjoy the ease of keeping it clean. All the mess can be removed using just an ordinary broom and a mop to remove dirt and dirt debris. Carpeted flooring fades after a few years, but stained concrete floorings remain unblemished. Polishing it will bring your concrete floors back in shape.

5. Aesthetically-Pleasing

With concrete’s 100% flexibility, the aesthetic appeal you want it to have is highly achievable. It can be designed to match any décor and can perfectly blend with your home’s style, too. Concrete is best used for bathrooms and kitchens for its unique and attractive effect on their interior design. This is why many homeowners have turned to concrete for the flooring of their homes.

If you desire a different color or shape for your stained concrete, talk to the premier concrete contractor in the Bucket City area. It’s easier to decorate and paint any concrete surface than other surfaces. Whether to create your own style or have it imitate a stone-based material for your flooring, concrete is the way to go!

Who Can Help You Best in Concrete Building

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Concrete is known to be the most durable and most flexible material when it comes to building homes and establishments. It allows for almost any shape or size of features you would like to add to your property, such as a stained concrete floor. With our help at Bucket City Concrete Contractors, we’ll guide you from start to finish and from the smallest to the most complicated crafts made of concrete.

Our years of experience in this business have allowed up to hone our skills. Our professionals have dealt with a number of concrete building projects in the past, like residential concrete, commercial concrete, decorative concrete, and more. Our happy and satisfied customers are proof of our high-quality services to the Bucket City area.

The concrete structures we build are made to last despite any natural disaster. We also offer concrete repair and maintenance as well as the construction of retaining walls and concrete foundations. When you come to us, we’ll make sure that you’ll get all the help you need! We’ve got it all for you at very competitive rates that no other concrete building contractor near you can offer. So, contact us today at 615-378-6175 to have your concrete project started soon!

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