Decorative Concrete ( Stamping, Staining, Coloring, Sand Texture)

Not Your Ordinary Concrete

Turn formless, grey concrete into an aesthetically appealing display on your property. Decorative concrete structures are made of concrete using specialized techniques and tools. Concrete can be mixed with acid stains, acrylic stains, integral colors, concrete dyes, and other coloring procedures to improve its surface texture.

Experts do stamping, scoring, and polishing as distinctive concrete treatments. Homeowners and business owners can easily customize plain concrete with our decorative concrete service into something stunning. They can enjoy a new feature that is cheaper and requires less maintenance. For residential or commercial settings, concrete is truly an amazing material to use.



Our Best Concrete Services

Try one of Bucket City Concrete Contractor’s top services to see it for yourself.

Bucket City Concrete Contractors Stamped-Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Concrete stamping is a nice option instead of paving stones or bricks. It is more affordable, more durable, and needs less maintenance. Your property’s curb appeal will surely be uplifted without the worry of weeds growing in between the surfaces because it doesn’t have gaps. Our professionals know how to deal with stamped concrete and customize it to anything.

Stained Concrete Murfreesboro tn

Stained Concrete

Enjoy a low cost, simple method of sprucing up the existing flooring system or create a very unique touch to your property with stained concrete. Bucket City Concrete Contractor in Smyrna & others area in TN uses dyes of a variety of tones. These are stains that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.


Coloring Concrete

There is nothing that color cannot make attractive and stylish-looking. It’s an essential element that can make any structure a more beautiful and long-lasting type of decorative concrete. Our selection of colors is appropriate for any project, especially when the rightone is added to the concrete mix. An aesthetically pleasing home and building await anyone who dares to try coloring concrete.

Sand Texture Concrete Bucket City Concrete Contractors

Sand Texture Concrete

If you’re looking for concrete that can last for about 10 years, is affordable, and is fine-looking, Sand Texture Concrete is what you need. It creates an elegant and luxurious appeal. Sand-washed concrete really makes a nice custom-made design of any color, form, or shape.

Decorative Concrete in murfreesboro tn

Why Choose Bucket City Concrete Contractor

Bucket City Concrete Contractor uses very effective ways to mold the perfect decorative concrete for your home and business. It’s not like other displays, which are easy to break. Decorative concrete is hard and long lasting. While it’s still soft, concrete is versatile and is capable of being formed into the shape or form you want.

With our years of service and the number of previous projects we’ve handled, we are confident that we can deliver the best décor for your property. We’ll listen to your concerns, discuss your options, and provide you with great ideas for customized designs.

For a worthwhile experience in the use of decorative concrete, call our team of professional concrete builders for a free consultation. We’ll assist you from the planning to the actual installation of your chosen concrete structure. Contact us today!